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Southwind offers professional physical therapy services designed to work with your health-related conditions that interfere with your function and daily activities. Individualized treatment plans are formulated to improve mobility, reduce pain, restore function and reduce disability. We are proud to offer a wide array of treatment options that are put into a plan of care just for you.

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is the ideal treatment for a wide variety of injuries and illnesses including: back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint replacements, lower extremity injures, and balance problems. The buoyancy of the water along with the gentle resistance provides both muscle relaxation and strengthening. Southwind's indoor, heated pool is specifically designed for aquatic therapy and exercise. It has a ramp for easy access and is 4 feet throughout.  Water temperature is kept at 87 degrees which is within the temperature range recommended by the National Arthritis Foundation. Southwind is one of the only physical therapy facilities in the area offering aquatic therapy. Ask your doctor if aquatic therapy might be right for you.

Orthopedic Therapy

Southwind is uniquely designed to treat a broad range of orthopedic injuries. Including: back pain, neck pain, rotator cuff injuries, sprains, strains, joint replacement, balance/gait problems, plantar fasciitis, knee injuries, stress fractures, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Our 5,000 square foot gym includes an indoor walking track, stretching area and expansive exercise/treatment area. Experience counts when it comes to treating orthopedic injuries and Southwind has been treating orthopedic patients for over 25 years.

One of the biggest advantages of doing your therapy at Southwind is that we are also a wellness facility which means our physical therapist can give you an individualized exercise routine that you can continue at Southwind once you've been discharged from therapy. Ask your doctor about doing your physical therapy at Southwind.

Workers Compensation Injuries

Southwind has been treating injured workers for over 28 years.  There are several reasons why Southwind excels at treating workers compensation injuries, including: 

Quick Turn - Around from Referral to Treatment-We'll get a patient evaluated quickly and we'll see them in a timely manner. Once we receive approval we will schedule the patient within 48 hours. If the injured worker needs to be seen sooner call and we will work to get the patient seen.

Individualized Care

One of the advantages of being a local, independent facility is that our focus is solely on treating the patient in the most effective manner we can, and on providing responsive documentation and communication. Our therapist works individually with each patient at each visit. That extra attention is the difference in helping a patient get better. We don't have voice mail so you know you a live person will answer the phone every time.

Job - Specific Work Hardening/Conditioning, Aquatic Therapy, FCE's, Outpatient PT-Southwind offers a broad range of functional and individualized workers compensation services.
Preferred Provider Status: If using a TPA, Southwind is a preferred provider for all major North Carolina TPA's including: Align Networks, CareIQ, MedRisk, and KeyRisk Mangement. We have also worked closely with most North Carolina Workers Compensation insurance companies. Please contact us directly to make a referral or request Southwind specifically when going through a TPA.

Senior Physical Therapy

Because many newly active Seniors have previous history of orthopedic or other health problems, Southwind has developed several Senior-Specific Physical Therapy programs for patients who need some guidance before safely exercising. These include:

Transition to Exercise

With this program the senior patients will meet with our physical therapist for evaluation and 3-5 visits with the emphasis on designing an independent exercise program that addresses the individual needs of the patient. This program is appropriate for senior patients who are able to exercise independently, but who have some special medical considerations that should be addressed in their exercise program.

Senior Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is great treatment option for senior patients with joint problems such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, for senior patients who need low-impact exercise, or for those with low back pain. Our pool has an easy access ramp, and is 4ft deep throughout. We keep the water temperature between 86 to 88 degrees.

Senior Gait/Balance Training

Our facility is ideally equipped to work with senior patients on gait and balance problems. We have an indoor rubberized walking track, walking bars, and a pool. Our therapist will work with the senior patient to improve balance or gait through active exercise to improve function.

Senior Back Program

Back pain is a major health issue for many seniors. Southwind has over 20 years of experience in treating patients with back pain. Our back program emphasizes active treatment through therapeutic exercise both on land and in the pool. Patients can then transition to an independent exercise routine.

Women's Health Physical Therapy

Women face unique challenges as they strive to live a healthy lifestyle. A competent physical therapist can assist women in facing and conquering these challenges. Southwind is able to treat many of these specialized conditions including:

Fibromyalgia -
  Physical Therapy is recognized as an effective tool to help relieve the affects of fibromyalgia. Aquatic therapy in particular has been shown to be successful in treating fibromylgia. Our physical therapist is experienced in working with fibromyalgia patients and our heated pool is specifically designed for aquatic therapy.

Arthritis - Women suffering from arthritis can gain valuable relief from physical therapy. Our experienced therapist can show you strategies for relieving joint stiffness without further damage. Additionally, aquatic therapy has been show as an effective way to relieve the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis.

Osteoporosis -
Osteoporosis is a common and critical problem for many women. The benefits of physical therapy for osteoporosis is twofold. First our therapist can show you safe, effective exercises designed to build bone mass and minimize bone loss and secondly, our therapist can assess and help you improve balance to better lessen the chance of a dangerous fall.

Balance Training - For women slips and falls can be especially dangerous for a variety of reasons. Our knowledgeable physical therapist can assess your balance and individualize a program to help improve balance and thereby lessen the chance of a fall.

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